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Write Your Way Out

A couple years ago, the Broadway musical Hamilton took this country by storm. From the musical emerged the remarkable collaboration of hip hop storytelling known as The Hamilton Mixtape.

My favorite track on the mixtape is a track by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Nas, Dave East, and Aloe Blacc, called “Wrote My Way Out.” The chorus says:

When the world turned its back on me

I was up against the wall

I had no foundation

No friends and no family to catch my fall

Running on empty

There was nothing left in me but doubt

I picked up the pen and I wrote my way out

The track describes the power to pursue greater possibilities in the future, despite the problems in the present—that is, the power to write the story of your life.

Always remember that, no matter what you’re going through, God has given you the pen and the power to write your way out.

When you feel like you’re stuck, when your back is against the wall, when you’re running on empty, when you’re left with doubt, write your way out.