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A Share Size Pack of Skittles

A while back I bought my daughter a pack of Skittles—the “share size.”

Later that evening I asked her if she’d share some with me. To my delight, she gave the right answer: “Sure, Daddy!”

But let’s just say that she only gave me one Skittle, maybe two!

If I’m the one who gave her the whole bag of Skittles, how can she give me just one measly Skittle from a share size pack?

Your day is the whole pack of Skittles, and God is the One who gave you the bag. Don’t give the One who gave you the pack just one Skittle!

God deserves more time, and energy, and attention than that. The more you have going on in your life, the more responsibilities you have on the plate of your life, the more you need to pray.

So be sure to make time for prayer and devotion every day.