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What If?

In 1945, after Truett Cathy was discharged from the army, he partnered with one of his brothers to start a restaurant that would later be known as the Dwarf House. Initially, business went well. A few years later, however, Truett Cathy’s brother died. Shortly thereafter, a fire destroyed the restaurant. Shortly after that, Cathy underwent two major operations, which kept him bedridden for months.

But even though it looked like it was over for Cathy, it wasn’t over. While Cathy was in the bed, he thought about the fact that he always loved chicken breast. So he wondered to himself, “What would happen if I took that chicken breast, seasoned it and fried it just right, and put it on a bun with the right condiments?”

The answer is the Chick-fil-A sandwich, and the start of one of the most successful restaurant chains in the world. This success came about, however, because Truett Cathy raised the question: “What if?”

And I just wonder what would happen in your life if you raised the question: “What if?” What if God has something better for you on the other side of trouble? What if God has something greater in store for you? What if God has more for you? What if God could work it out for you, if your dreams could come true, if God is up to something amazing in your life?

What would you do then? How would you respond then?