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When You're in Need

Last year I watched the Disney movie Moana, which chronicles the life of a strong-willed daughter who’s chosen by the ocean to reunite with a mystical goddess, so that she could save the people of her island.


In her journey to see the goddess, Moana is accompanied by the demigod Maui, who has a magical fish hook that allows him to transform into various animate objects, depending upon the situation.


If Maui is thrown into the water, he could turn into a shark. If he’s tossed into the sky, he could turn into an eagle. Maui could turn into a chicken, a starfish, a cat, a lizard, a bug, and even a whale.


Maui could be whatever he needed to be, whenever he needed to be it.


In the same way, God can be whatever you need God to be whenever you need God to be it. God can be your Helper and your Healer, your Comforter and your Counselor, your Savior and your Solution. God can be whatever you need God to be. Therefore, when you’re need, go to God.