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Let God Wind You Up

When I was a kid, I used to have wind-up toys. And you’d wind up the toy on the side. Once you couldn’t wind it up anymore, you’d let it go, so that it could start walking across the floor.

But in about thirty seconds or so, it would stop. Then you’d repeat the process by winding it up again.

And that’s how quality time with God works. When you spend time with God through daily prayer, devotion, and meditation, God winds you up, thereby empowering you to maneuver through life.

But eventually, you’re going to slow down and then stop. At that point, you have to get back in the presence of God again, so that God can wind you up again. When you spend time with God, God will give you a strategy, a plan, a vision, a dream, and an idea that can change your life. God will show you what to do, where to go, and how to handle it.

I want to encourage you to wake up fifteen minutes earlier to pray five days in a row. I guarantee you that you’ll feel better, you’ll have more joy, and you’ll have more peace in your spirit. I guarantee you that God will wind you up.