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When One Way Doesn't Work

After completing an evaluation for my intern early one morning last year, I try to take a picture of it with my iPhone, so that I could email it to her professor. But the camera on my phone isn’t working. I keep restarting my phone in order to get the camera to work. But twenty-five minutes later, after numerous attempts, I’m still unsuccessful—and very irritated about the time I’m losing! 

Then the light bulb finally comes on! I say to myself, “Since I can’t take a picture with my iPhone, why don’t I take a picture with my iPad?”

I take a picture of her evaluation with my iPad, email it to her professor, and then move on with the rest of my morning.

I realize that even though one way didn’t work, I still had the option of trying another way. There was more than one way to get it done.

If one way doesn’t work in your life, it’s not over for you, because God can provide another way. If one door is closed, God can open another door. If Plan A doesn’t work, God can provide a Plan B, or a Plan C, . . . or even a Plan Z.