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Even If You Can't See 

How It's Working

I don’t really like my washing machine. It’s a so-called low water washer that apparently saves energy. This washer has a sensor that determines how much water is enough for each load. I don’t like that, because want to decide how much water is enough.

On the washer, there’s a label that actually reads, “It is normal for some of the load to be above the water.” I don’t like that, because I believe that the load should be under the water, not above the water.

Even more, this washing machine has the nerve to lock me out when it begins washing. I don’t like that because occasionally I want to see what’s going on in there when the clothes are washing.

Nevertheless, even though I don’t see how the washing machine is working, I trust that it is working. Likewise, even if you can’t see exactly how God is working in your life, it’s important to trust that God is working.