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Wasted Waffle Fries

One evening, when I take my daughter to Chick-fil-A, she orders a Kid’s Meal—six Chick-fil-A nuggets, a small lemonade, and as a side, Waffle Fries.

When we arrive home, she eats the nuggets. She drinks the lemonade. But later that evening, I find the Waffle Fries in the trash can!

When I see the fries in the trash, I ask, “Honey, why didn’t you eat your fries?”

She answers, “Oh, Daddy, I don’t like Waffle Fries.”

I then make the red-hot emoji face, because this little girl has wasted not just the food, but she’s wasted my money!

And sorry to say, sometimes, when God gives us another chance, we waste it by throwing it in the trash.

Don’t waste the opportunity that God has given you. Don’t waste the chance that God has sent your way. Each day is a chance to do better, rise higher, and go farther.