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It Just Happened That Way

A while back, while I was eating a salad with my favorite salad dressing, Ken’s Steak House Lite Sweet Vidalia Onion, I began reading the label on the back of the bottle. It read: “Ken Hanna didn’t open his steak house in 1941 to become world-famous for his salad dressings. It just happened that way.”

In a similar way, if you had to explain the goodness of God in your life, you’d have to say, “It just happened that way.” You didn’t earn it. You didn’t deserve it. You didn’t force it. It just happened that way.

And you don’t always have to go looking for God’s blessings, because sometimes God’s blessings will come looking for you. Every now and then, God will drop a blessing in your lap. Every now and then, God will surprise you with a blessing. Every now and then, it just happens that way.

And that’s a reason to thank and praise God!