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Fully Rely On God

I love sweetFrog, which is a self-serve frozen yogurt spot that allows you to put your own toppings on your yogurt.

Today sweetFrog is one of the fastest growing companies in the country. But sweetFrog didn’t start that way. In 2009, after finding himself in a financial catastrophe, entrepreneur Derek Cha resorted to renting out his house, because he could no longer afford the mortgage.

In an interview with Richmond Magazine, Cha said that he and his wife “turned to God, and we prayed day and night for a new business venture that would thrive in this economy.”

Six months later, God gave them the idea for sweetFrog. The word “frog” (f-r-o-g) in the name actually stands for “fully rely on God.”

As it was with Cha, so it is with you. If you’re going to build the life that God wants you to have, if you’re going to overcome the obstacles before you, then you need to fully rely on God. Don’t rely on your own strength, or your own capabilities, or your own intellect. But fully rely on God!