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Even If You're a 

Wrinkled Dollar Bill

When I was a kid, I got excited when my parents gave me a dollar. I didn’t, however, like wrinkled money. I liked crisp, straight money. If I had a wrinkled dollar bill, I’d actually iron it before sliding it into my wallet.


But the truth of the matter is, whether a dollar bill is wrinkled up, twisted up, balled up, folded up, or even taped up, the condition of the cash doesn’t change its value. Although a dollar bill may have been through a lot, when you take it to the register, it can still get the job done.


Despite the changes and challenges the dollar bill may have endured, it can still do what it was created to do. Despite how people may have mishandled the dollar bill, its value doesn’t change. Its worth doesn’t change. Its usefulness doesn’t change.


Likewise, life may have twisted you up, balled you up, folded you up, tied you up, and even torn you up, but in the eyes of God, your value hasn’t changed. God still adores you, and cares for you, and loves you.


Although life may have been rough with you, you’re still capable of accomplishing what you’ve been created to do. So go ahead and do your thing, live your life, forge ahead, and fulfill your purpose!