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Reasons to Give Thanks

One of my favorite TV shows is Sanford and Son.

In a particular episode, while Fred’s friends Grady and Ron are in Fred’s house, Grady says to Ron, “You know what, Ronald? I think I’m going to move out of my daughter’s house. I just feel so miserable there.”

Ron responds, “Hey, Man, it’s natural to feel that way.”

Grady says, “It is?”

Ron answers, “Sure it is. Look man. You’re living with them, right? And you feel like you’re taking from them, and not giving them anything. . . . So tell me this. . . . How did they like the housewarming gift you gave them?”

Grady says, “They never said, ‘Thank you!’”

Ron replies, “They didn’t? Why not?”

Grady says, “I never gave them one!”

Grady never gave his daughter a reason to thank him.

God, on the other hand, has given you a long list of reasons to give God thanks. God has made ways for you, worked it out for you, and answered prayers for you. Even when you’re not faithful to God, God is still faithful to you. God has been good to you! And that’s a reason to thank God!