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Wait It Out

Last year, when I arrive at church for a meeting, it’s raining cats and dogs outside. After being in church for about twenty minutes, I realize that I don’t have my phone with me. When I go back outside to look for it, I find my phone next to my car on the ground in the rain.

When I bring my phone in the building, I dry it off and try to use it. But it doesn’t work. After the meeting, I try again. But it doesn’t work. When I get home, I try again. But it doesn’t work. Before I go to bed, I try one more time. But it still doesn’t work.

The next morning, however, when I pick up my phone, it works just fine.

I didn’t troubleshoot. I didn’t call Apple. I didn’t call Sprint. All I did was wait.

In that moment, I was reminded that sometimes, if you’d just sit back, sleep on it, and wait on it, some things will take care of themselves. Some of the issues we’re worrying about will work themselves out.

If you're in a stormy situation right now, this too shall pass. Rather than try to fix it yourself or force it yourself, just wait on the LORD.