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There's Something Better for You

A few Christmases ago, I bought my seven-year-old daughter Jocelyn a Kindle Fire Tablet.

And because Jocelyn would be receiving a Kindle, I asked if she’d be willing to give her Leapfrog tablet to her cousin, who was three years old at the time. (Now, the Leapfrog tablet is for toddlers.)

Initially, Jocelyn didn’t want to give her tablet away, because that was her Leapfrog. And as far as she was concerned, her cousin—who was three at the time—could buy his own Leapfrog.

But then I took her to Best Buy, and I showed her all the wonderful things that the Kindle could do—all the things that her Leapfrog could not do.

And when she saw that the Leapfrog couldn’t even compare to the Kindle, she was willing to give away the Leapfrog.

She was willing to give up a good thing because she knew that she was about to get a better thing.

Don’t become so comfortable with what you already have that you lose sight of the possibility that the Lord has something better for you.