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Perspective Is Important

There was a young boy who was playing baseball in his front yard. His mother was watching from the window. And he said to her, “Ma, I’m the best hitter in all of baseball!”

Then he threw his ball into the air and took a mighty swing with his bat.

He missed.

“That’s strike one!” the boy yelled. “Still two more to go, but I won’t need them, because I’m the best hitter in all of baseball!”

The boy tossed the ball into the air again, and took another mighty swing. The ball landed softly at his feet.

“That’s strike two!” the boy yelled. “One more strike to go. Not a problem, though, because I’m the best hitter in all of baseball!”

The boy threw the ball in the air, and once again he took a mighty swing. He swung so hard he spun around on his heels and fell down onto the grass.

The boy got up, dusted off his pants and cried out, “Steeeee-rike three! I’m out!”

Then the boy’s mother said, “Aren’t you upset you didn’t get a hit? After all, you’re the greatest hitter in all of baseball.”

The boy turned to his mother and smiled. “No way! Since I struck myself out, I just discovered I’m the greatest pitcher in all of baseball!

Like this boy, you’ve got to be able to see the good, even in the bad.

Perspective is important.

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