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If the Power Rangers Can Do It . . .

A few weeks ago, I went to see the movie The Shack. And of course, before the movie started, a ton of previews were played. Normally, I don’t pay attention to the previews. But on this occasion, there was one preview that stood out to me—Power Rangers, which is about five teenagers with attitude who inexplicably come together to become a team of superhero warriors.

Before they come together, they begin to discover that they had powers that they didn’t even know they had. One is strong enough to break a sink. Another can basically fly. They can even climb mountains like cats.

And I want to suggest that you, like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, have more power and potential than you even realize.

There’s potential in you that you haven’t even tapped into you. And if you really used your potential that God has given you, you’d surprise yourself. You’d do things you didn’t even know you could do, go places you didn’t even think you could go, and rise to heights you didn’t even think you can reach.