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The Last of the Deodorant

Have you ever been really, really low on deodorant? Has your deodorant ever been so low that you had to scrape your skin with the container?


Better yet, while applying the little bit of deodorant you have left, has that little bit ever fallen to the floor?


Now it’s crumbled, right? So what do you do then?


If you’re like me, you gather up the crumbs, patch it back together like Play-doo, and then smear the reconstructed deodorant as best you can.


Although you may waste deodorant crumbs all over the floor, it still gets the job done!


Despite the imperfections of the remains of the deodorant, you still find value in what’s left of the deodorant.


Likewise, every now and then, it’s important to remind yourself that, despite your imperfections, and brokenness, and flaws, and issues, you still have value.