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Buying a Stick Shift Car

When I was a nineteen-year-old sophomore in college, I bought my second car, a 1986 Volvo 240 DL with my refund check.


But there was one problem with this car—it was a stick shift!


And at the time of purchase, I didn’t know how to drive a stick shift. So I had somebody take me to the parking lot at Norfolk State University to teach me how to drive the car. Initially, when we were practicing, we were jerking around like we were on a roller coaster at the amusement park.


But after a while—and a few headaches—I did get the hang of it.


Similarly, when you have faith in God’s future for you, you buy the car before you even know how to drive the car. You buy the car with hopes that God will show you how to drive it. You step out there with hopes that God will work it out in your favor.