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Take Off Your Shoes

I take the socks game seriously. 

A few months ago, a family at our church invites me to their new home to pray over it. The house is absolutely gorgeous. 

When I walk in, I ask, “Should I take off my shoes?” 

They say, “Nah, you’re fine.” 

I say, “Okay.” 

A few moments later, I ask, “Are you sure? It’s so nice in here that I feel like I should take off my shoes.” 

Then the wife answers, “You want us to see your socks, don’t you? . . . Okay. Take off your shoes so we can see your socks.” 

Admittedly, I just so happened to be wearing a pair of socks another member gave me as a gift, and I wanted to showcase them. 

I didn’t want to hide the socks. I wanted to show off the socks. 

Similarly, don’t hide the light God has given you. But take off your shoes, so that the world can see your light. Take off your shoes and be a witness for God, so that God may be glorified. 

In the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:16: “Let your light shine before people, so that they might see your good works and so that they might glorify your heavenly Parent.”