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Simon Says

During my sermon the other week, I played Simon Says with the congregation. 

As you may know, when you play Simon Says, the person who acts as Simon gives instructions to the group. But the group only follows those instructions when Simon says, “Simon Says.” 

As we played during the sermon, I was Simon. 

So I said, “Simon says, ‘Raise your right hand.’” 

Right hands flew up throughout the room. 

Without saying, “Simon says,” I told the church, “Okay, good! Now put them down.” 

Half the hands came down. 

There’s a big laugh. 

I reminded the church to listen only to the voice of Simon. 

In this life, God is Simon. As we lead our lives, we should strive to heed the voice of Simon. Move when Simon tells you to move. When God says, “Go,” go. When God says, “Stop,” stop. Seek the guidance of Simon.