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Wrapping Paper

A few weeks ago, when I visit someone in the hosptial, I bring a gift.

When I hand her the gift, she says, “Wow! This wrapping is so beautiful. Did you wrap this yourself?” 

I say, “Yeah!” 

She replies, “I almost don’t want to open it, because of the wrapping.” 

After she meticulously unwraps the gift, I grab the wrapping paper and ask, “Do you want me to throw this paper away?” 

She answers, “No! I’m keeping this! I’m goin’ cut the edges off this paper and reuse it.” 

She finds value in what I was willing to throw away. 

In the same way, although other people may be willing to get rid of you, although you may be rough around the edges, although you may have some creases here and there, although you may have ripped, or cut, or torn, God still finds value in you. 

God can still use you.