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God's Countermove

If you’ve ever played tic-tac-toe, or Connect 4, or checkers, or chess, then you know that before you make your move, you need to anticipate the move of your opponent. 

And before your opponent makes their move, you need to have already thought through your countermove. 

In this game called life, God is prepared for the move of your opposition. 

When trouble comes your way, God has already thought through God’s countermove. 

The disappointment, the trauma, the break-up, the layoff, the betrayal, or the pandemic may have caught you by surprise. 

But it didn’t catch God by surprise. 

Long before the trouble showed up in your life, God was prepared. You survived what you went through because God was prepared. 

God was prepared to protect you, and keep you, and deliver you, and take care of you.