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New Sephora Section

A few months ago, after I had been working on my sermon for several hours, I take a break and go to Kohl’s to walk around for inspiration. 

While I’m in Kohl’s, Marilyn, one of our church members who works there, says, “There he goes, Pam! He’s over there taking pictures. That’s what he does. He walks around looking for stuff to preach.” 

Marilyn is right. 

At the time, Kohl’s was building a Sephora section. 

Sephora specializes in personal care and beauty products. 

At the time, where the Sephora section was being built, Kohl’s had heavy duty plastic sheeting covering the work area. They had even built a wall enclosing the work area. 

Therefore, customers couldn’t see what was going on in there. 

But even though we couldn’t see it, when we walked by, we could hear the workers hammering, drilling, and building. Even though we couldn’t see what they’re doing in there, we knew they were up to something. 

In the same way, even if you can’t see what God is up to right now, rest assured that God is up to something in your life. God is working behind the plastic wall for you