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Keep the Receipt

Every now and then, I get a taste for a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonald’s. 

At one point, when the associate would give me the receipt, I would throw it away. 

But one day not too long ago, just as I’m about to throw the receipt away, I notice a message at the top of the receipt. Just by completing a survey on McDonald’s website, I would receive a buy one, get one free code for two more burgers. 

Of course, I complete the survey. 

When I redeem my two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, I receive another receipt, with the option to complete another survey for more free food. 

I repeated that cycle for a few weeks. 

One day, when I pull up at the drive-thru, I holler, “Hey, it’s me again! Here’s my receipt!” 

Because I now find value in the receipts, no longer do I throw the receipts away. 

In the same way, even if other people are willing to throw you away, God finds value in you.

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