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Easter Egg Hunt

Earlier this year, a few days before Easter Sunday, I’m at Walmart buying plastic eggs for an Easter egg hunt. 

They have only one big bag left. 

According to the label on that remaining bag, forty-eight eggs should be in the bag. 

The bag, however, has been torn, and loose eggs are spread all over the shelf. 

So I count the eggs in the bag and the eggs on the shelf. 

There’s a total of forty-eight. 

I fill the torn bag with the forty-eight eggs, march my way to the register, and then purchase the eggs. 

Even though the bag was torn, it still had value. Even though the bag was damaged, I could still use it. Even though the bag had imperfections, it still had purpose. 

Like that torn bag in Walmart, despite your imperfections, you still have value. God can still use you. You still have purpose.