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Regifting a Gift


To regift a gift is to give a gift that was given to you to somebody else. 

I know somebody who gave a gift to somebody, and then the next year, the recipient of that gift unknowingly regifted that same gift to the original giver of the gift. 

How embarrassing! 

Generally speaking, the person who gave you a gift would not be happy if this individual knew you regifted the gift. 

In a way, however, God is just the opposite. 

When God makes a way for you, or opens a door for you, or comes through for you, or redeems you, or revives you, God gives you the gift of a testimony. 

When God gives you the gift of a testimony, God wants you to regift that gift. 

God wants you to share with other people what God has done for you. 

Somebody could be blessed by hearing your story.