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Jammed Remote Control

I have the Amazon Fire TV Stick streaming device. 

A while back, the batteries to its remote control die. When I attempt to replace the batteries, however, I’m unable to remove the back cover. 

I watch three YouTube videos on how to remove it. Nothing works. I even try to pry off the back cover with a butter knife. That doesn’t work either. 

I’m frustrated because I wanted to binge-watch episodes of The Office—not on my phone, iPad, or computer, but on the big screen. 

About twenty minutes later, when I enter the TV room, I notice my daughter scrolling through different options on the Fire Stick. 

I’m wondering, “How in the world did this twelve-year-old get the back off the remote control, when I can’t even do it?” 

I ask her, “How did you get the remote control to work?” 

She answers, “I didn’t. I’m using your iPad. I downloaded the Fire Stick app. Now I’m using your iPad as a remote control.” 

I say, “Stop playing! You’re joking, right?” 

When one way was blocked, she found another way. 

In the same way, when one way is blocked in your life, don’t give up hope, but have faith that God can provide another way.i