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In God's Bag

Years ago, in my Introduction to the Bible course at Randolph-Macon College, as I was preparing to give a PowerPoint presentation, I discovered that the batteries in my clicker were dead.

So I said to the class, “I know this seems like a crazy question. But by any chance, does anybody in here have a pair of double-A batteries?”

After a brief pause, our church keyboardist Faith Hubbard, who was a freshman at the time, answered, “Uh . . . I think I do.”

I exclaimed, “Oh my God! Are you serious? . . . Just like your momma!”

She reached into her bag and pulled out two double-A batteries. Yes, she just happened to have two double-A batteries in her bag!

Just as Faith had what I needed in her bag, so also God has what you need in God’s bag. If you reach into God’s bag, you’ll see that God has the direction, favor, and strength you need in there.