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Finish the Mission

One day a few years ago, while my daughter was training for track, I took her to the track to get some work in. We did an 800-meter run. That’s two laps around the track. We did three 400-meter runs. That’s one lap three times. And the plan was to run five 100-meter sprints. That’s five sprints about the length of a football field.

After the 800-meter run and the three 400-meter runs, we run three 100-meter sprints. After the third 100-meter sprint, I was dirt-dog tired. Jocelyn was more tired than me because she ran with a parachute attached to her waist.

So I said, “Hey, hey, . . . hey! How ’bout we just do four 100s, instead of five? That’ll leave us just one more sprint to go.”

She said, “Okay.”

When she agreed, I said to myself, “Praise the LORD ’cause I can’t take no more of this!”

Then she blurts out, “Wait! Wait! Wait, Daddy! . . . We said we’d do five. So we gotta do five 100s.”

She goes on to say, “We can’t leave the mission undone.”

When it comes to God’s purpose for your life, you cannot leave the mission undone. Finish the mission.