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Unwrap the Box

A few years ago, my daughter desired a particular pair of shoes for Christmas. When they were released at 10:00 on a Saturday morning, they sold out instantly online. Therefore, I went through a whole lot of changes just to get my hands on these shoes.

When the shoes arrived in the mail, I removed the shoes from the box they came in and placed them in another box, which contained soup mix.

As Jocelyn tore the wrapping paper on Christmas morning, I said, “I know how much you like soup.”

With a puzzled face, she replied, “Soup? Yeah, from Panera Bread.”

But when she opened the box and discovered the contents of the box, she was speechless with her mouth wide open. Even though her blessing came in a form she didn’t expect, she still received her blessing.

The blessings of God may not always come in the form you expect. Don’t miss the blessings in the box because you’re distracted by the make-up of the box.