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God Can Do It Better

In 1997, Gatorade premiered an iconic commercial in which Michael Jordan competed against women’s soccer phenom Mia Hamm.

In the commercial, they square off in basketball and then soccer.

After Mia Hamm scores a soccer goal against Jordan, she says, “Had enough?”

Jordan replies, “Ha ha! Let’s go!”

Next, they square off in fencing, tennis, a foot race, and even a karate match. In the commercial, you hear singing in the background:

Anything you can do I can do better

I can do anything better than you

No, you can’t

Yes, I can

No, you can’t

Yes, I can

In this commercial, Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm refused to be outdone by each other.

Similarly, God refuses to allow what you do for God to outdo what God does for you. Your faithfulness to God will never outdo God’s faithfulness to you.