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Valentine's Day Present

A couple of weeks ago, the day before Valentine’s Day, when I picked up Jocelyn from school, as soon as she got in the car she asked, “Did you get me a Valentine’s Day present?”

I answered, “Huh?”

She said, “Every year, you get me a Valentine’s Day present.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

She replied, “Ugh! . . . Okay, let’s go to Target. I’ll go to one side of the store, and you can go to the other side of the store to get me something.”

I said, “I’m sorry. But we need to get home.”

She whimpered, “Ah man, I wanted to wake up to a Valentine’s Day present.”

Little did she know, while she was sobbing, her presents were in the trunk of the car the whole time.

Her blessing was closer than she realized.

Similarly, your blessing could be closer than you think. You could be sitting right by your blessing and not even know it. Just because you don’t see what God is up to doesn’t mean that God isn’t up to something.