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Getting Robbed

When I was a sophomore at Norfolk State University, I rented a room in a rooming house. During this period, however, I was robbed. They took my TV, my VCR, my stereo, and even my socks! Who steals socks?

When they robbed me, my mom actually saw some good in this, saying, “Son, maybe the LORD allowed this to happen so you could spend some time with Him.”

My response? I actually thought they also robbed her—of her brain!

But as it turns out, Mom was on to something. Because I had no entertainment, because I had fewer distractions, because I was isolated, I focused more on God. I spent more time praying and reading my Bible. I spent more time thinking about God and God’s purpose for my life.

During this period of isolation, without entertainment, I even acknowledged my call to the ministry, an event that would change the course of my life.

My point? There are times when God will allow you to be separated from some stuff, so as to get your attention and, ultimately, redirect your life.