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Cutting the Line

This past Mother’s Day, I took my mom out to Olive Garden. As you may know, the wait at a restaurant on Mother’s Day is no joke!


Upon entering the restaurant, I encounter a crowd of frustrated, angry, hungry people waiting to be seated. After the staff tells me that the wait will be at least forty-five minutes, I begin to think of how I could explain to my mom that we won’t be eating at Olive Garden this year!


But just before walking out the restaurant, I ask the lady, “What about those seats over there?”


She answers, “Well, if you’re comfortable sitting in a circular booth, I can seat you right now.”


My eyes light up!


So instead of waiting forty-five minutes to be seated, we wait forty-five seconds to be seated! Just like that, we moved from the back of the line to the front of the line!


And every now and then, in some area in your life, God will move you from the back of the line to the front of the line. God can turn it around.