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An Item Worth Keeping

Not long ago, while I’m cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen, I notice receipts from 2009, dead AA batteries, pens that don’t write anymore, business cards I’ll never use, stale cough drops, expired Super Cash from Old Navy, Glade PlugIns refills, and a pack of thank you cards I had been trying to find for eight months!

Even though I throw away most of the items in my junk drawer, I do stumble upon a few items worth keeping, items of tremendous value to me. I stumble upon pictures, toys, and notes that bring back great memories. I stumble upon items I would never throw away.

You may have a few items in the drawer of your life you should get rid of.

But there’s at least one item you should never throw away. Always hold on to your hope. Never let go of your hope. Never throw away the hope that things will get better.