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Burst Mode

A while back, I’m at a high school football game with one of the deacons of our church. Both of us are taking pictures with our iPhones.

But while I’m taking one shot every five seconds, he shares that he recently learned how to utilize the iPhone’s Burst Mode feature, which allows him to take ten photos per second.

When he demonstrates, my eyes light up like Times Square. All this time, my phone had the capacity to do something I didn’t even realize it could do.

When I discover the phone’s Burst Mode feature, I ponder, “I wonder what else my phone can do.”

Just as I pondered the capacity of my phone, so also you should ponder the capacity God has given you. Have you ever wondered what else God has equipped you to do?

It’s possible that God has given you gifts, talent, and capacity you haven’t even tapped into yet.