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Amazing Whip-It

A few years ago, while I’m in Walmart, I hear an overhead announcement: “Attention Walmart shoppers! In three minutes, Walmart will be giving away a free item! The free item will be given away across from aisles six and seven in the men’s clothing department!” 

 Upon hearing this announcement, one word grabs my attention: “free.” 

After I sprint to the men’s department, I encounter a sales associate who’s promoting a multipurpose cleaning product, Amazing Whip-It. According to his demonstration, this product can effectively clean the kitchen floor, the kitchen counter, the bathroom, mirrors, car rims, and even stains caused by pets, wine, and juice. 

This one thing is able to clean virtually every single thing. 

And the more I pondered that thing, the more I was reminded of this thing: God is your Amazing Whip-It. 

God is the one thing in your life that can handle virtually everything in your life. If you need help, direction, strength, or favor, God can handle it.