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Nice Bag!

A few years ago, I buy a MacBook from the local Apple Store. 

 After I purchase the computer, I marvel over the plastic bag it's packaged in, saying, “Whoa! This is a nice bag!” 

I drape the bag over my shoulders. 

Then the salesclerk says, “Yes, it is a nice bag. But keep in mind that it’s just a plastic bag. The computer in the bag is more valuable than the bag itself. So I advise you to be careful when you hold the bag.” 

The salesclerk wanted me to focus not so much on the package itself, but on what was in the package. 

When God blesses you, don’t focus so much on the package itself, but on what’s in the package. Every now and then, God may package your blessing in a storm. God reserves the right to use struggle to make you stronger and trouble to train you to trust. But don't miss your blessing because it's packaged in a way that you don't dexpect.