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You're Not by Yourself

As an eighteen-year-old sophomore in college, I moved out the house. At the time, however, I didn’t know much about adulting. 

Even worse, I was flat broke—flatter than one-ply toilet paper. 

So, one day I call my mom and lament, “Ma, I don’t have any food. Can you give me some food?” 

She answers, “I’ll do better than that. I’ll show you what to do when times get tough.” 

She instructs me to go to the local community center. 

I respond, “What do I say when I get there?” 

She answers, “Tell them you’re a broke eighteen-year-old college student who just moved out the house, and you need some food.” 

I respond, “I can’t remember all that. Can you go with me?” 

She agrees. 

When we arrive, the staff person bombards me with a gazillion trick questions, such as, “What’s your name?” 

After each question, I sheepishly look to my mom to answer it for me. 

Finally, my mom intervenes, “Ma’am, no, he doesn’t have any kids. He’s not married. He just started a job at Super K-Mart. He’s a broke college student who just moved out the house, and he needs some food.” 

While my mom is talking, I breathe a sigh of relief. 

I was so glad that I wasn’t by myself. 

When you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, or in over your head, or shell-shocked by the reality of life, remember that you’re not by yourself. God is with you.