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Candied Yams

I occasionally cook candied yams. 

Well, to say I “cook” the yams is probably an overstatement. 

What I do is get a can of Bruce’s yams, pour the yams in a bowl, add sugar, add brown sugar, add butter, and then heat it in the microwave. 

They taste okay. 

On the other hand, when my mom cooks candied yams, she uses fresh sweet potatoes, cuts them up, does some stuff she won’t tell anybody about, and then cooks them on the stove. 

The yams cooked on the stove taste so much better than the yams heated in the microwave. 

In a similar way, a blessing heated in the microwave can’t compare to a blessing God cooks on the stove. 

Even though it may take longer on the stove, God can make it worth the wait.