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Waiting for Your Turn

A couple years ago, as a finale to our church’s Game Day celebration, the kids lined up to burst a piñata.


One kid would whack the piñata with a stick one time, pass the stick to the next kid, and then go to the back of the line.


But one particular kid was a bit overzealous. When it was his turn, he whacked the piñata repeatedly.


When I saw him whacking away, I said, “No! No! No! You only get to hit the piñata one time! Kids in the back of the line need a turn too.”


And in this life, even if you feel like you’re in the back of the line right now, trust that your turn is coming, that your time is coming—that your opportunity to participate, advance, and excel is coming.


In the meantime, while you’re waiting for your turn, prepare yourself. Equip yourself. Get yourself ready.