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Keep Your Receipts

One day last year, when I attempt to return an item at Wal-Mart, the sales associate asks me, “Do you have your receipt?”


“No, ma’am! But I do have the card I paid for it with!”


She inserts the card to look up my previous purchases.


While I’m waiting for her to find the record of the purchase, she says, “You must shop at Wal-Mart a lot!”


I ask, “Why you say that?”


She answers, “Because I’m waiting on the computer, and I’m looking at all these receipts you have!”


A receipt is a record of all your past activity.


And when it comes to your relationship with God, you should keep your receipts. You should keep a record of God’s past activity in your life—how God has answered your prayers, made ways for you, and provided for you.


When you keep your receipts, when you keep a record of how God has blessed you, you’ll see that you have countless reasons to give God thanks.