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Unnecessary Baggage

Prior to the pandemic, every so often my mom would spend the weekends at my house. At the most, she stays two nights—just two nights.

Instead of packing like she’s staying two nights, however, she packs like she’s staying two years.

I wonder, “Why do you need so many outfits for two nights? How many pair of shoes do you need?”

She packs shoes for walking down the stairs, shoes for church, shoes for right after church, shoes for when the church shoes hurt her feet, and shoes for riding in the car.

When I take her bag upstairs, I think to myself, “Ma, is this a piece of luggage? Or am I pushing a couch up the stairs?”

In my opinion, when Mom comes on the weekends, she brings unnecessary baggage.

Likewise, when you worry, you actually carry around unnecessary baggage with you.

In Matthew 6:27, Jesus addresses the futility of worry like this: “Can any of you by worrying add a single hour to the span of your life?”