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Get Out the Cage

I own two guinea pigs—Snuggles and Kiki. They absolutely love eating hay. When they hear me opening up the bag of hay, they start jumping for joy.

One night I conduct an experiment, just to see how they respond.

I open their cage. But I don’t put the hay in the cage. Rather, I set a pile of hay just outside the cage.

When I set the hay outside the cage, they begin sniffing around the edge of the cage fervently. When they smell the hay, the momma, Snuggles, begins to bite the cage, while Kiki, the daughter, stretches her body, and then dares to climb out the cage.

Because Kiki is willing to stretch herself, she has all the hay to herself.

The blessing is available for both of them, but only one of them benefits.

The blessings of God are available for us. But sometimes, in order to benefit from the blessings, in order to receive such blessings, we must be willing to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones.

The hay is there for you. But if you want it, you need to get out the cage.