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The Cracked Egg in the Carton

When you go to the grocery store to buy eggs, you probably open up the carton to ensure no eggs are cracked.

And when we do see a cracked egg in the carton, we close that carton and then open up another carton.

While grocery shopping not too long ago, when I look into a second carton, there’s a cracked egg in that carton. And when I look into a third carton, there’s a cracked egg in that carton as well.

After opening the third carton, I think to myself, “Why am I focusing so much on the one bad egg, when there are seventeen other good eggs in the carton?”

So I take the cracked egg in the third carton and switch it out with a good egg in another carton!

And yes, you may have some cracked eggs in the carton of your life. But don’t lose sight of all the good eggs that God has placed in you, just because of one bad area in your life. Instead of focusing so much on what’s going wrong, thank God for what’s going right.