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Tearing at the Seam

Last year, while I’m teaching my Bible and Film course, the aunt of one of my students is in class crocheting a blanket.

When I notice the pattern of the blanket, I say to her, “That’s so pretty! It has some of our church colors in it!”

A few classes later, she hands me the blanket, saying, “Here! Give it to your daughter!”

In my Kevin Hart voice, I shout, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Are you serious?”

She says, “Yep!”

I ask, “Can I wash it in the washing machine?”

She answers, “Sure! Just use Woolite. Wash it on gentle cycle and tumble dry low.”

That night I follow her instructions. But when I get it out the dryer, the blanket is tearing apart at the seam.

The next morning, I take it back to class, and she fixes it in minutes. That night, my daughter peaceably sleeps under it.

Rather than futilely take matters into my own hands when I notice the unraveling of the blanket, I take it to someone capable of fixing the problem.

Likewise, when your life seems to be tearing apart at the seam, don’t try to take matters into your own hands. But consult the One who knows how to knit it back together. Go to God.