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Every now and then, I get a Slurpee from 7-Eleven—especially on July 11, because it’s free on July 11!


If you’re like me, once you’ve slurped the Slurpee to the bottom of the cup, you tilt the cup, and then stab it with your straw like Jason on Friday the 13th.


When that stops working, you scoop it out with their highly advanced spoon straw.


When that stops working, you take the top off the cup, tilt the cup at a forty-five-degree angle, and then tap the bottom of the cup.


By any means necessary, you get what’s inside the cup to come outside the cup.


That’s what God does in your life. God is determined to get what’s on the inside of you to come out. God wants the potential, and possibility, and ideas, and gifts, and talents, and abilities that are inside of you to come out. 


It’s very possible that God is using this season in your life to draw something out of you—to strengthen you, to sharpen you, to shape you.