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Getting a Jump

Have you ever needed a jump for your car? Or have you ever given somebody else a jump?

When you need or give a jump, you connect the red clamp of the jumper cables with the positive battery posts of both cars, and you connect the black clamp of the jumper cables with to the negative battery posts of both cars, and then you start the car with the good battery. After the car with the good battery runs for a bit, you attempt to start the car with the dead battery.

Oftentimes the car with weakened battery starts right up just because of a touch between the clamps and the posts.

What was dead comes to life just because of a touch. Just a touch makes the difference.

In Mark 5, a woman who’s been suffering from a severe bleeding disorder for twelve years presses her way through a crowd of people to approach Jesus, saying to herself, “If I can just touch the hem of his garments, I know that I can be made well.”

As the narratives shows, just a touch brings healing to her body and thereby turns her life around. 

Likewise, in order to see positive changes in your life, reach out for the Lord’s help. Just a touch can turn your situation around for the better. 

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