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Signing Up for Rewards

A few weeks ago, I’m at the mall purchasing a fragrance. 

When I approach the register, the sales associate asks me, “Are you a Rewards Member, my friend?” 


She asks, “Would you like to sign up, my friend?” 


She says, “Are you sure? Just by signing up, you’ll receive coupons, you’ll be the first to learn about our sales, and you’ll receive Insider Cash, my friend.” 

“No, thank you.” 

Then she says, “Also, just by signing up, you’ll receive twenty percent off today’s purchase, my friend.” 

I reply, “Excuse me?” 

She says, “You’ll save twenty percent off today’s purchase just by signing up, my friend.” 

I ask, “Really? How do I sign up?” 

She answers, “Give me your name, email address, and phone number, my friend.” 

I say, “That’s all I need to do to save twenty percent right now?” 

“That’s right, my friend.” 

I respond, “Okay, I’ll sign up . . . my friend.” 

Because I was open to new possibilities, I was blessed. 

Before you prematurely reject an invitation or opportunity, be open to the possibility that it could be the means through which God desires to bless you.