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Reflective Vest

While I’m on a walk in my subdivision one night, I call one of the deacons at our church.

He asks, “Pastor, are you walking in the dark?”

I answer, “Yeah, but I’m good. I got my flashlight on my phone. I’m good.”

He says, “Pastor, I don’t know about that. We need you to be safe.”

I say, “Ah man, bless you. I’m good.”

He goes on to say, “Pastor, people need to be able to see you. I got an extra vest for walking in the dark. If it’s alright, I want to give you this vest.”

I say, “Ah man, bless you.”

The purpose of a reflective vest is protection. Although life is filled with threats of various kinds of danger, you’re still here because God has been your Reflective Vest.